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An essential guide for organizing your laundry

An essential guide for organizing your laundry

It is one of the most tedious chores of the week for most people to wash clothes. Spending time on it diverts your attention from other things you'd rather do. A few savvy people, however, are able to do their laundry almost effortlessly. They have mastered several tips that help them accomplish the wash with minimal interruptions and in a short amount of time.

You'll learn how to build your own bulletproof system with these time-saving and organization tips.

TIP #1: Have multiple baskets

In many households, dirty clothes just go into one basket. Their ways have not changed since they were taught. Still, they waste a lot of time. Before putting the laundry into the washer, it's necessary to separate the lights from the darks. One basket for lights, one for darks and another one is for towels. This eliminates the need to sort them out on washing day.

 TIP #2 Assign. Delegate schedule

Laundry should be taught to your spouse and children. Post a list of specific instructions next to the washer and dryer to make it easier to follow. After that, establish a weekly schedule with them to ensure they pitch in and help.

TIP #3: Store supplies in the right places

You will also need fabric softener and washing detergent. Your washer and dryer are the only things you're going to use with these items. Therefore, you should place them near the machines. Why not keep things simple on laundry day instead of spending time gathering supplies?

TIP #4: Sort by color

It's still true that some people forget to segregate dirty clothes by color. You can find light blue t-shirts and pink boxers as a result. The best way to separate clothes is as follows: Whites, light colors, darks, delicates. You can easily manage your dirty clothes by keeping them in those four piles. You should have a basket for each pile (see Tip #1 is a great idea for this).

TIP #5: Make a mark on that stain

Whenever you wear an item with a stain, it is most noticeable. Hence, whenever you remove the shirt, blouse, etc., mark the stain with fluorescent tape (you may buy it at the hardware store). In this way, on washing day, you can use stain remover to pre-treat the stain before putting it in the washer.

TIP #6: Get Rid of the Lint

Whenever possible, remove the lint from previous loads before using the dryer. This is a common mistake that many people make. Get rid of the lint.

TIP #7: "Wrinkle-Free" is not always possible

It's essential that you take clothes that are "wrinkle-free" out of the dryer when they're still a bit damp. After they've dried to the point where they are brittle, hang them up to dry. Believable or not, using this method will prevent wrinkles.


The process of washing your clothes (for most of us) isn't interesting at all. However, they can be saved by planning and organization so you will actually spend less time and effort cleaning.

Get your laundry room organized fast with laundry organizers made available for you!


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